Automate Industrial Computer System For Maritime Services

Automate Industrial Computer System for Maritime Services

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Whilst it is true that modern ships may have not as much sophistication as the airline industry, the maritime industry is using various kinds of technology such as rugged industrial computer solutions.

Each industrial computer they have built helped to make their life on board easier and perhaps, more comfortable than before. But, what really are the role of embedded computing system in maritime services? Let’s evaluate.

Automate Industrial Computer System For Maritime Services

Evolving the Maritime Equipment and Tools through the Industrial Computers

Making your business more efficient is to make more profitable gains. Whichever industry you are involved, there is always one sure caveat – changes truly exist.

If you are into maritime services, you must learn to adapt to the things that surround you, particularly technological advancements. Just take a look at the city of Cardiff where building ships and trading is at its peak. Not to mention the fact, it is one of the biggest trading ports in the United Kingdom.

So, from building the ships to navigation equipment, installing an embedded computer system is a great help. It can work in extreme working conditions and is designed to perform a specific function with ease. Now, take a look at the critical aspects of maritime industry.

Is Rugged Computer Solutions beneficial for Maritime Services?

The maritime industry is also not aloof on developments on computing technologies. At some point, it needs to apply upgrades on industrial grade computers to improve its operational activities. The booming maritime industry must evolve and learn to adopt the technological advancements to run a business more effectively and economical in the long run.

So, what could be the possible uses and benefits of these computers in the industry? Let’s take a tour on how commercial ships such as cargo vessels and passenger carriers apply various functions of computers.


Needless to say, ships contain a wide array of machinery and equipment to keep running and sailing smoothly round the clock. Parameters such as pressures, level changes, temperature, flow rates and other related functions can be installed in 12.1” embedded industrial computer panel system.

Industrial PCs are known for its sturdiness and reliability. Most of these panels are powered by Intel BayTrail with a quad-core processor motherboard. Thus, it can store, transmit, analyse, and recover data for specific purposes. As a result, it increases the overall performance of maritime services.

To back it up, 12.1” industrial grade computers have built-in Watchdog timer which monitor, and check the condition of the entire operations for an optimum performance in an extreme environment over a wide range of temperature.


Navigations include sensor equipment that is used in the positioning of the vessel, nearby activity whilst onboard and its succeeding motion as well. Along with these are the radar, global positioning system (GPS), compass, depth sounders, and charts.

All of these navigation functions can be placed in one case equipped with 12.1” industrial grade computer monitors, finished with stainless steel. What’s more, it is powered by touchscreen technology which is also certified IP68 – thus, it is resistant from water, dust, humidity, and other fallen particles during the course of navigation.

Bring in the Power of Embedded Technology!

Apart from applications and navigations, industrial PCs can be utilised in propulsion systems, alarm and safety systems and other subsystems that are required to operate maritime services effectively.

So, bring in that will-power to improve your services and achieve that goaled success. Find the right solutions now for your maritime utilities and seek the help of a trusted manufacturer.


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