Aiding Healthcare: Saving More Lives with the Use of Medical Panel PCs

Richard B.Panel PC

Panel computers have been in use amongst different industries, and the medical field has not been left behind.

Hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics have now embraced the technology as is evidenced by the many medical panel PCs you will find in these institutions.
Some of the uses of a medical panel PC include the self-registration of patients for medical appointments, storage of electronic medical records and data entry by staff.

Additionally, surgeons now perform delicate and non-invasive procedures since machines do not tire as humans do.

Common Beneficial Features

Patients and visitors to hospitals also find it easy to find their way, which is in addition to enhanced comfort for persons admitted to these institutions as they can easily control light, temperatures and other settings in their rooms.

By allowing the ordering of medication through handheld devices such as tablets, there are also time and money savings that patients and health facilities benefit from.

Antibacterial Screens

The surface of a touchscreen device may look clean, but it actually contains microorganisms that could spread various diseases. Thanks to innovation, a touchscreen display may now come fitted with an agent that kills and stops the spread of bacteria and other microbes.

The anti-bacterial agent in use could be ionic silver, which acts on the bacteria on contact but is safe for humans. Hospitals are now using the technology and have reported tremendous benefits from its properties.

Better Imaging and Data Storage Capacity

The integration of panel PC technology with cloud computing has allowed medical staff to get large pools of resources at the same location, making access to them quick.

The enhanced quality of images that a medical panel PC provides allows access to accurate data, which allows doctors to transfer and share information whenever it becomes necessary.


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