Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technology For Jewellery Manufacturing System

22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panels for Jewellery Making

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Fortunately, the jewellery industry in the UK has a glittering future. Its annual growth is expected to increase of 5-6 percent each year. But, the industry is also dynamic as it is vastly growing. Significant changes must undergo, such as upgrading a computing system with projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) panels, for an efficient performance and high-quality production.

You might want to ask on how a PCAP device can improve productivity and efficiency. For one, it is an Intel-based computing system where you can install a specific software to perform tough applications such manufacturing wide variety of jewellery. So, read on and get to know why installing PCAP technology is essential for your jewellery shop.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technology For Jewellery Manufacturing System

How Projected Capacitive Touchscreens Improve Jewellery Shop Processes

As the advent of technology redefines both jewellery business and society at large, many manufacturers explore various ways on which technology would shape and support the jewellery manufacturing industry.

Whilst the skills and craftsmanship of hand-tailored jewellery will always have a special place in the industry, the changes in technology such as installing a 22” projected capacitive touchscreen device, has a great impact on the jewellery making processes.

By upgrading to PCAP technology, the production can easily be monitored and controlled the entire operating system as it comes with a built-in Watchdog Timer. From design to casting and forming metal, a digital-aided computing technology have adapted the jewellery landscape production.

How Touchscreen Technology is Redefining Jewellery Making Process

A jewellery is viewed as an expression of a designer’s artistic talent. But, how does a touchscreen technology fit into this scenario? Well, let us explore some emphasis on this technology’s role in innovative design.


This kind of process is also known as electroplating and it has been around for a long time. This method enables the craft designer to replicate natural objects and allows distinctive jewellery to be made.

Since 22” industrial-grade capacitive touchscreen panels are Intel-based, you can gather, collect, analyse, and transmit valuable data for designing process before it proceeds to electroforming process.

Laser Technology

Not only is laser technology used for welding and cutting to increase the jewellery production but also used for decoration through laser engraving. Again, a 12.1” PCAP device is designed to perform tough applications by installing a specific software.

Since this process is performed in an extreme working condition, S22 touchscreen technology is the right tool for the manufacturing operation. Needless to say, it can withstand harsh temperature and extremely challenging environment like jewellery-making process. PCAPs are NEMA-sealed and IP68 rating, which means waterproof, dust-proof, and resistant to heat as well.

Bring In Jewellery-Making to Front Seat through PCAP Technology

A lot of jewellery products become costly because it is handcrafted and custom-made using the traditional method. As a result, the profits are not sufficient enough to cover the cost of production. Not to mention the fact that traditional jewellery manufacturing process has a limited number of production.

But, utilising the computing technology of projected capacitive touchscreens, there will be a rapid increase on jewellery production with high-quality outputs as well.

Contact our industrial computer support and start bringing in jewellery-making into the front seat through PCAP technology.


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