17” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen or Resistive for the Military PCs

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Not all touchscreen computers are equal. You might purchase touchscreen panel PCs without you knowing the difference. Actually, there are two common touchscreen devices used in the market today. One is the resistive whilst the other is the projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen. But, these two have its own characteristics and capabilities.

Yes, resistive and capacitive touchscreens may have touch sensor abilities. But, each has distinct touch sensor limitations in terms of frequent public usage. That is why it is crucial to decide the right industrial PC to function in the military operations. As such, the military conducts their operations on different types of working environments. And, most of which deal with harsh and extreme conditions.

Given this kind of situation, you would consider factors like cost-effectiveness and quality. A resistive touch PC is cheaper compared to the PCAP touch devices. But, industrial PCs with projected capacitance are more durable, resilient, and reliable. So, what other characteristics make capacitive touchscreen PCs to standout for military ops? Let’s find out more on this blog.

Build a S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Computing System For Military Operations

Build an S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for the Military

A military computing equipment must adhere to any type of military scenarios. Once the military PC malfunctions, it can either complete its functions or bound to fail. Thus, a reliable and sturdy computing equipment must be chosen.

With our S17 industrial panel PCs, it has the capability to perform a wide temperature range. It has an IP69K rating and with high NEMA sealing. Thus, it can withstand heat, water immersion, moist and shock. It can also endure any fallen debris that may possibly damage the equipment.

Now, let us identify the pros and cons of resistive and capacitive touchscreen devices.

Abilities and Liabilities of Capacitive and Resistive Computers

Each touchscreen type may have its own advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to know the top reasons why you should opt for a PCAP-enabled computing device? Check and determine its abilities and liabilities on the comparison table below.

CharacteristicsResistive Touchscreen DevicesS17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs
Indoor VisibilityVery GoodVery Good
Outdoor VisibilityAverageVery Good
Touch SensibilityPressure is neededSoft touch
Accuracy Rough Pixel ResolutionAccurate Pixel Displays
CostCheapQuite Expensive
Multi-touch CapabilityNoneYes
Robustness Susceptible to scratches and other minor damagesIP69K with High NEMA sealing
Environmental CapabilityLimitedWide Temperature Range

Quick Analysis

By looking at the table above, our 17” industrial PCs are more capable to perform military duties. It can work indoors and outdoors without a system failure. This computing equipment is also easy to navigate when accessing a particular application as it is sensitive to touch. Plus, it also has a multi-touch ability which enables the user to optimise the system at the same time.

Our S17 panel PC can be a huge investment. But, we always ensure that it is suitable to perform in various military operations. Be it in an administrative military duty or any hostile operation.

Customise the 17” Capacitive Industrial PC for the Military

Quality is the most important factor in searching for the right computing technology. But, the cost is also another concern. However, we can provide a suitable computing equipment for military operations.

So, expect that you will be given exceptional performance and long-term availability. Build and customise the S17 projected capacitive touchscreen PCs for the military today.


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