Kiosks are normally intended for use by the public, which means they need to be tough, reliable and easy to use, without revealing the underlying system that some tinkerers love to try and get to!

Kiosk Station
A typical place Kiosk’s would be used.

This is why our tough, rugged industrial computer products in their stainless steel enclosures are ideal to withstand the use of the public, typically paired with our custom made Windows Embedded Thin Client software to prevent access to the crucial areas of the system and network. We can design this software around your needs, incorporating your company logo and
giving it the sharp, bold company look.

Other issues faced in the kiosk sector could be that of poor lighting, such as in underground metro train stations. Our 72T Illuminated Industrial Keyboard with Trackerball is very popular in the Kiosk industry as it has a fully LED backlit keyboard with customisable colours to again match the company image or other requirements, which makes using this keyboard a doddle in the dark!

As the younger generations are becoming more in tune with the use of electronic interfaces you want to make sure you are able to reach audiences in a way they find easy, but you also have to make sure your interactive kiosk is up to the job and can stand the possible beating that an 8 year old may or may not wish to give it!