Industrial Keyboards Installed to Panel PCs for Improved Operations

Fruit Juice Manufacturers Using Panel PCs with Industrial Keyboards

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Most consumers who are always on-the-go conveniently grab a small bottle of fruit juice and get ready for the day. Being an instant source of essential nutrient, no wonder why fruit juices are a popular thirst-quenching drink and a great partner for a meal. This is the main reason why many fruit juice manufacturers thrived in the competitive food and drink industry of UK. 


The demand for fruit juice also spurred the application of automation in its processing and manufacturing. With automation, it eliminates direct human interaction towards the produce. It also promotes a sanitary practice which therefore improves the shelf life of the product.  


However, manufacturing operations require accurate data input necessary in automation and other computing functionalities. Thus, ruggedised computers with industrial keyboards are utilised to ensure accurate output. Its rugged protection sealing allows the peripheral and internal to work optimally even under the presence of dirt and liquid intrusions. 


So, how do fruit juice manufacturers can optimise its computing system with an installed industrial keyboard for operation? Keep reading this blog to know its advantages in fruit juice production operations. 


Industrial Keyboards Installed to Panel PCs for Improved Operations

Industrial Keyboards Installed to Panel PCs for Improved Operations 


Fruit juice processing starts with the acceptance of raw material, fruit pulp preparation and processing and juice yielding. Afterwards, the unclarified juice goes through the pasteurisation and de-aromatisation process before it ends up to filling and bottling processes.  


Now, every step in processing fruit juice requires the aid of an automated system. And, this system should be integrated to rugged computers equipped with reliable peripherals including keyboards. Therefore, an industrial-grade keyboard is ideal for manufacturing applications due to its robust construction and ergonomic design. Data input can be more convenient for operators which result in accuracy and reduced miscalculations. 


So, what makes an industrial keyboard an indispensable device for computers in fruit juice manufacturing? Read through the next section to understand its essence in processing operations. 


3 Reasons to Use an Industrial Keyboard 


An industrial keyboard has several features that can help in streamlining manufacturing operations. Here are the top 3 reasons to setup computing systems with ruggedised keyboards: 




Industrial-grade keyboards have sealed mechanical switches which allows it to perform efficiently even under extreme usage. Moreover, a rugged peripheral has a high IP/NEMA protection rating. This means that the inner components of the device are protected from damaging elements such as moisture and fruit by-product intrusions. Also, the rugged keyboard can last under the presence of extreme temperature and shock. 


Easy to Setup  


Different mounting options provide convenient installation and setup in many work areas. Rugged keyboards have many alternate placement options which makes it convenient to setup in limited workspaces. Its ergonomic mounting solutions offer personnel more efficiency and accuracy in typing in data or managing commands necessary in automation. 


Maximised Functionality  


Production plants require well-organised work areas, so having a rugged keyboard with pointing device is an excellent choice. Industrial keyboards with integrated pointing devices are ergonomic and efficient solutions for fruit juice production operations. Operators can work systematically since data entry and interface navigation functionality is combined with only one device. 


Install Industrial Keyboards to Rugged PCs Today 


Streamlining an operation is one of the great options to meet the increasing demand for fruit juice production. What’s more, it is also an effective contributing factor in increasing the ROI. But, building a reliable computing system with advanced applications is the right computing solutions. And, having the best peripherals can also offer a more systematic and ergonomic workflow in a fruit juice manufacturing facility. 


So, find a trusted IC provider today to learn more about using industrial keyboards for manufacturing operational needs. 




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